How to create a database on localhost?

php How to create a database on localhost? Create Table In Database

Wamp/Xampp Server and Database Creation

For creating the database we need some server that support the database , mostly we use the WAMP and Xampp server. If you don't know how to install the PHP server , Here is the complete tutorial guide that how to install the server . You can visit this tutorial guide : PHP server installation tutorial. • After installing the wamp server , you need to open the URL " http://localhost/phpmyadmin " . • Then click on the database and create database with desired name " myfirstdatabase ". Now your Database has been created. • Now you have to create a table into the database .

In this tutorial series we will cover first insert,update,read and delete operations on database's table, then we will develop a simple CHAT APPLICATION for user chat.
•Now we are going to create a table with name "users" with following five fields: 1- id Explanation: Will use for unique identifier and primary key . Their is only one primary key in a table that should be unique. If we set the auto-increment property then every new record will automatically assigned by a unique id number. So set following id attributes: Type: int , Auto-increment(A_I) : tick 2- first_name Type: TEXT 3- last_name Type: TEXT 4- username Type: VARCHAR , Length: 100 5- password Type: VARCHAR , Length: 100 Note! Defining the length of type VARCHAR is compulsory but defining the length of general types like INT, FLOAT, TEXT is not compulsory. Create the above table then we will move the insert, update, read, delete operations in the next chapters.

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