Write JavaScript in HTML page

How to insert and run the JavaScript code into an HTML page?

Instead of wandering through loads of the theory , we will prefer to discuss the way of the JavaScript writing code in HTML page. JavaScript is written between <script> </script> tag , either in the <head> tag or in <body> tag.

Syntax of Writing JavaScript

Take a look on the following below code to understand that how JavaScript applied on the HTML page. <html> <head> <title> Including JavaScript to HTML Page</title> <script type="text/javascript"> alert("Welcome to CodingPk JavaScript Tutorials"); </script> </head> </html> Output: • If we are writing the code in the HTML file or same web file etc .html , .php etc then we will write the code in <script> tag. • If we want to include the external JavaScript file then we will include by following way. <script src="javascriptfile.js"></script> In the .js file, we will not write the JavaScript code in <script> tags we need to write the above JavaScript code by just following code:

javascriptfile.js Code

alert("Welcome to CodingPk JavaScript Tutorials");We wrote the JavaScript code in external JavaScript file without the <script> tag. In the next Chapter we are going to discuss the JavaScript on-click function.
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