HTML Line Breaks

HTML HTML Line Breaks Horizontal Line Size

Html Line Breaks

Line Breaks is used to move the control to the next line.

<body>Benifits of Html are:<br>Simplicity <br>Plateform Indepedent <br>Easy Navigation.</body>

It is used to decide where the text will break on a line or continue to the end of the window. The tag used for a line break is
. NOTE: The
has no closing Tag.


Benifits of Html are:
Plateform Indepedent
Easy Navigation.

Html Horizontal Line

Html horizontal lines are used to separate different areas of web page.

<hr width=100 align="left" size=5 color="blue"></hr> <hr width=100% size=5 color="red"></hr>

It is used to display a horizontal line on the page. The tag used for a horizontal line is

. The
has no closing tag.


Horizontal line Attributes:-


You can Align line to center, left or right. NOTE: By default line appears in center.


It specifies the size of the line. NOTE:The default size of line is 2 pixels.


It specifies the color of the line.


It turns off the shading of the line.

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