HTML Line Breaks

HTML HTML Line Breaks How To Move Control To Next Line In Html

Html Line Breaks

Line Breaks is used to move the control to the next line.

<body>Benifits of Html are:<br>Simplicity <br>Plateform Indepedent <br>Easy Navigation.</body>

It is used to decide where the text will break on a line or continue to the end of the window. The tag used for a line break is
. NOTE: The
has no closing Tag.


Benifits of Html are:
Plateform Indepedent
Easy Navigation.

Html Horizontal Line

Html horizontal lines are used to separate different areas of web page.

<hr width=100 align="left" size=5 color="blue"></hr> <hr width=100% size=5 color="red"></hr>

It is used to display a horizontal line on the page. The tag used for a horizontal line is

. The
has no closing tag.


Horizontal line Attributes:-


You can Align line to center, left or right. NOTE: By default line appears in center.


It specifies the size of the line. NOTE:The default size of line is 2 pixels.


It specifies the color of the line.


It turns off the shading of the line.

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