JavaScript Concatenation

javascript JavaScript Concatenation Variable Joining

What is concatenation and how we can concatenates different JavaScript entities?

Basically, concatenation is the process of joining or combining the two entities. We can concatenate two variables , variables and string , functions etc.

Concatenation Joining Two Strings.

Syntax of Concatenation in JavaScript

'string1' + 'string2';

Concatenation of String and variable

<script type="text/javascript"> var mystring = "Hello to the"; var concatenation = mystring+"CodingPk Easy JavaScript Tutorials "; </script>

Concatenation of variable with left and right strings in JavaScript

<script type="text/javascript"> var mystring = "Reforms"; var concatenation = "A reformer is one who brings "+mystring+" in the society ."; alert(concatenation); </script>

Output of above Concatenation

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