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CodingPk Point of Sale management software

The CodingPK POS software is the POS management software by CodingPK developers for any POS success. CodingPK POS software offers well integrated module helpful in managing sales, drug distribution, stock management and in monitoring functions of an incorporated POS outlet in a healthcare center.

Features of CodingPK POS software

CodingPK POS app provide you each and every functionality that is necessary for any POS success. We also provide some extra features of generating the own bar-code series for products with lacking bar-code. Here are few main features of CodingPK POS software.

Point of Sale with innovative features

Our point of sale has very high efficiency execution rate. It's executions are quick. You can easily manage your sale using bar-code and manual search (quick search algorithm with search results in drop down list) option.

CodingPk POS h3>Optional Receipt Print feature</h3>
<p>You can print the receipt , the receipt font family and font size is ideal for print and print is also super on low quality receipt paper. </p>
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Easy Medicine/Products Managements

You can easily add , update and delete products with very user friendly interface with latest jQuery and Ajax features.

CodingPk POS App manage products

Generate own bar-code series

You can generate own bar-code series for those products with lacking bar-code.

CodingPk POS App custom Barcode series

Stock Management

CodingPk POS App stock management

You can easily manage the stock using bar-code scanning. When you want to give the product order ,just mark the products and take the print of paper and later you can easily add the stock by scanning the bar-codes.

CodingPk POS App Stock Print

Stock Alerts

CodingPk POS App Stock Alert

Stock Expiry Alerts

CodingPk POS App Stock expiry Alert

Expenses Management

You can manage your categories expenses e.g stock, maintenance, salaries, meal etc. .

CodingPK POS App Expenses Management


The CodingPk POS App provide you the graphical and tabular reports of your daily earning ,expenses and stock and stock finance reports.

Sale and Expenses Report

CodingPk POS App Sale and Expenses Report CodingPk POS App Sale and Expenses Report

Stock and Finance Report

CodingPk POS App Stock and Finance Report

Barcode Printouts

You can printouts the product barcodes on paper and also prints the barcode strips/tapes.

CodingPk POS App Barcode reader and prints Register Now and Use free of Cost. Software Link
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