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PHP a server side Language

PHP is a server side scripting language typically used for web development. Its is also used to for general purpose programming problem. It is independent programming language. We can totally interact with database using PHP. It can be integrated with maximum available databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server. PHP is widely used for web development. By a BuiltWith report 2018 ,72% web based projects developed in PHP. While is at 24% and Ruby on Rails is at 4% . There are the number of different PHP frameworks available in the market. • CodeIgniter • Laravel • Symfony • Phalcon • CakePHP We are now taking the PHP start with custom (Simple) PHP and then we will cover the different framework. This is the short PHP course . Short in length but covering all the contents of PHP.


As PHP is a server side scripting language so it will runs on the server . We have to need a server. • Online hosting always contains server. • For offline we need some server like, WAMP server , XAMPP server. In next Chapter we are going to download and install the offline server. Let's continue the next Chapter.

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