PHP server installation tutorial

php PHP server installation tutorial PHP Introduction

How to install the PHP server WAMP ?

For running the PHP script we will need of PHP server.


As PHP is a server side scripting language so it will runs on the server . We have to need a server. Online hosting always contains server. For offline we need some server like, WAMP server , XAMPP server. First of all download and install the WAMP server by simple steps. WAMP Server 64 bit Setup :Download WAMP Server 32 bit Setup :Download Install the setup into any Drive E.g C:// After successfully installation you will see the following folders: C://wamp/www/ Follow the below instruction: Your project folder will be in the WWW folder. Create Folder "mywebsite " into the WWW folder. You can use any editor for writing the PHP code, but we suggest you to use the " SUBLIME TEXT ". Create a File index.php in " mywebsite " folder . Remember, the extention of the file should be PHP. In the next chapter we are going to create the First PHP page. We will discuss the different keyword and variable in the next Chapter. Let's continue the next Chapter.
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